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I'm Gill Kitson and I have been a Personal Assistant & Executive PA in both

private & public sectors for over 23 years now, providing administrative

support for very demanding companies & individuals, who always expected

a very high standard.

A qualified graphic designer, I started my career in printing, 

working my way up to Studio Manager which I thoroughly

enjoyed but I took a career break when I had my daughter,                                                                    and once she started school I wanted to get back to work.


Having worked for a while as a store manager in retail,

I quickly found that this was not meant for me. So unsure of

what I wanted to do,I joined an agency as a temp and it

was during this time that I was sent to a wonderful company

to carry out admin support on a temporary contract that I

found my true calling as a PA...and never looked back..! 

My career path didn't take me back into graphics unfortunately,

but that time wasn't wasted, as I have found that my flair for design

has never left me and it is surprising how much I still use these skills

and find them useful.​

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