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Virtual Business Support Services
'there when you need it most!'

Simon Shorthouse - Advising Partner
Independent Financial Adviser at Sandringham Financial Partners

Having been employed in the Financial Services industry for 30 plus years, I recently made the decision to become a self-employed Independent Financial Adviser.


Gill is professional, conscientious, and passionate about what she does, and her involvement has allowed me to concentrate my efforts on the things which I need to do whilst having the confidence of knowing that she is dealing with the other allocated tasks. I will continue to work with Gill in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering their own virtual assistant!

John Polley - John Polley Brand Communications

 Thank you so much for helping to compile, organise and write my customer questionnaire, branding strategy and research documents.

These will help to determine all my designs for future clients. I’d been putting this job off for months and didn’t have my own time to do the job correctly. So when Gill suggested that it was a job she could deal with I was really relieved to hand over the responsibility to her.


Gill’s design education has enabled her to provide the knowledge base necessary to be able to provide the work, quickly, efficiently and to the specification I needed. I will continue to work with Gill in the future and will be looking forward to considering her part of my extended team - many thanks for your help!

Davide Garbarino, Managing Director, Ho.Re.Ca. - The Hospitality Experts

Gillian has been my VA since June 2020, and I couldn't be happier.


She always sorts my paperwork, helping with the day2day run of my company, in a timely matter, and at a very good rate. Gillian helps me with the blogs for my website, with PPP, writes business documents for me and makes sure that I don't make mistakes (I'm not English, so I do make some mistake at times).


Best decision ever to use GRK-VA services!!!

Dave Kitson, Training Manager - DAK Training, Huddersfield

Gill has become indispensable to my business, as she is very efficient and always available when needed.


What I have found invaluable is when I am out on the road, I can ask her to do something for me and she will see to it right away, giving me the confidence to get on with my day knowing that she is looking after me and my business.


I don't know how I would manage without her now, and would highly recommend grk-va to anyone!"

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