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virtual assistance - there when you need it most

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giving you time - to give you time!

What people say...

Ian Giles
Jigsaw Print Ltd

Being a business owner it's hard to let things go and delegate but I knew I needed to.


Working with Gill has been a dream and she makes everything so easy for me and has made letting go easier than I expected it to be.


I would highly recommend any business owner who is feeling overwhelmed to have a chat with Gill.- you will not be disappointed.


Louise Turner
Wordsmiths Unlimited

Gill has been a fab part of our team for two years. She has helped keep us on track with the small details along with playing a central role in delivering bigger projects by co-ordinating the team and liaising with clients while I was on holiday.

Willing to pick up the smallest jobs, but also handle much bigger challenges, Gill has helped us grow by freeing up my time. She has been flexible about how much we’ve needed her, stepping up and winding back as the work demanded. It’s time for us to have a permanent person in the role, and Gill’s contribution has helped us see what we need and how to craft a role that will help us grow even further.

Davide Garbarino
Pa-Pi Pasta & Pinsa

I don't even know how to explain how good Gillian is at her job.


She helped me with 2 of my businesses, and she has done such a great job.

Then she worked with me and my business partner to develop 2 books, with courses and exams attached... plus all the "normal" admin jobs too.


Two words for describing Gillian's services:  God Sent!!!


Lee Smart
SPL Fire Safety Ltd

Changes had been made to my company and I required help with

day-to-day management.

Gill came highly recommended, so I met with her to discuss my needs. Gill was amazing from the offset, explaining how she could help and what support she could provide to make my life easier.

I was initially dubious as I could not understand how a person, working remotely could provide the stated level of support but we agreed to give it a go. On commencement, not only did Gill provide the support stated, she went above and beyond to improve my work life balance and make the business manageable again, working evenings and weekends when required to ensure my company had the support it required.

I would not hesitate in recommending Gill to anyone needing quality support at a very reasonable price.

Thank you once again for the excellent service!

Jo Hand
The Staffing Experts

Outstanding V.A. with wide ranging skills from her graphic design and PA background.


Cares about her work passionately, reliable, hard working, proactive, and highly skilled. Super organised!


One the most genuine and nicest business ladies I have ever had the pleasure to work with.


No wonder her business is a huge success!

Jennifer Rawlinson
Flourish in Mind

I can HIGHLY recommend  Gill!


Every small business owner needs a Gill to complete those tasks which take up the time where you could be spending that time more productively on your business.


Gill has meant my weekends are a weekend and I’m not having to fit in those tasks on evenings. It’s impacted my wellbeing hugely- so beneficial!

Thank you Gill!

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