Why do I need a VA?

You are building up your business and know you need some assistance with back-office admin but keep putting it off even though you know you shouldn't. You're not sure where to start as you can't afford to take on a full-time assistant.


However, this would need you to delegate all the small things that you know are necessary, but frustratingly distract you and take you away from concentrating on growing your business, but,  and it is a big 'but'....could you do it?


Just think about it for a moment...wouldn't it be great if you had someone that could help for a few hours a week, someone with experience, someone you could trust and have complete confidence in, without the worry of overheads that come with a full time employee?

This is where a VA (virtual assistant) can help.

Are you going to end up with blisters?

Choosing a great VA is a bit like choosing a pair of new shoes;


Do they fit?

Do they suit you?

Do they support you well?


Get it wrong and you'll end up sore and very disappointed. So how do you avoid the pain and make sure your new VA is a great fit?

You're looking for 3 important qualities:




 Less haste-more speed!

A VA can promise many things, but overnight perfection just isn't going to happen!


No one goes on a first date expecting to be married by the end of the night; good relationships take time.


It's the same with working relationships - the best ones grow slowly and last. 


Thinking 'I could do it quicker myself'?


Well yes you probably could the first time or even the second. However, the next time you won't have to do it at all. 


Think how much time that will save!

'Time is your enemy, but I will make it your friend'